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Sikh Blade 8mm Silver Iron Stone Turquoise stone


Free Flow style 


Turkey Zaza tasbih 


  • Beads Diameter: 8mm 
  • Weight: 
  • Sizes:  M \ L \ XL \ COSTUM   size chart>>
  • Beads Material: hematite | jasper
  • Findings: stainless steel 
  • Knife: brass + stainless steel

Mudra Chain's bracelets inspire you to live a healthier life with men's timeless fidget jewelry.

Stress is the leading cause of mental and physical problems. When we are stressed, the sympathetic nervous system is activated making an unbalanced routine and over time, this could have a negative effect.

Feeling relaxed is beneficial for a person's health.

While nowadays ways of treatment seem to be handled by the capsule, human constantly seeks and learn to gain more experience and awareness, concedes that without healthful movement, one healthy body cannot sustain.


A toy stimulating body and mind

Beads chains are among the earliest human ornaments for over 10,000 years and thought to be the earliest known examples of self-therapy elements.

Different methods developed over the years, such as counting beads, flipping techniques, and more considered as a game and training which requires improvement of the technique all the time.

The result is a perfect natural therapy treatment that boosts blood circulation, eases anxiety, muscle relaxant, relieve aches, stimulate brain activity, helps concentration, coordination, and helps Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder-OCD|ADHD.

The Power To Heal Is In Your Hand

The main purpose of the chain is to stimulate your hands and start a movement. while your hands get used to the pleasant feeling of the beads, a therapy treatment immediately occurs.

You can have a hand massage, count, memorize, spin, stretch, and invent your own game in order to achieve body & mind balance.

Mudra chains are unique recreations of the authentic prayer beads, specially built for heavy-duty use. Several models in a variety of styles developed for the different purposes of treatments and play habits.

Proactive health tool

Replace teeth grinding, nails biting, legs jiggling with smooth and pleasant motions.


Ultimate fidgeting partner

Fidgeting is not so much about relaxing your mind as it is more about getting your mind focus on the right things.


Proven ancient knowledge

Worry beads are among the earliest human ornaments dated as far back as 10,000 B.C and thought to be the first anti-stress tools.


Simple ways to relax

Find your style and rhythm to facilitate the flow of breathing, and relax your