As long as i can remember myself as a child i was always fascinated by my grandfather's misbaha. 

I ‏remember while grandpa wasn't at home i used to go to the small room at the entrance of the kitchen, climbing on the bad that was beneath the big clock, ‏barely reaching the top shelf too grab for game one of the mysterious ‏chains.

 years gone and when I reached my 40's I started to see all those fidget toys that came from china: fidget cube, spinner, slime, pop it,etc and they all seems to me as something one will not get attached to.

so much fidget toys went to the grbage and people still needed to solve the fidgeting issues they have.

so I encountered again in my life with one of the misbaha by accident but this time i knew i had to do something good with it

but the problem that the wire was always cutted after a short period of time.



So my roots are from Syria but regardless to this not only the Muslim have this kind of chain, but also the Jews, Christians Hindus, Buddhist, Sikhs, Greeks and many cultures using this chain for generations as an energetic jewelry and a relaxing toy.
There are even evidence of ‏ ‏using jewelry chains in Africa 10000 years ago. "

And for me that always seeking for the perfect fidget I have tried every thing. spinners and fidget Cubes squashing balls and many wannabes, but all of those were abandoned after Showtime but the necklace I like and don't forget to take with me in my pocket everywhere

Mudra chain suggests an alternative satisfying anti-stress therapy by stimulating the hands and fingers to play beneficial movements that help facilitate the flow of breathing, reduce behavioral fidgeting issues, obtain high concentration and generally keeping a calm routine. 

Transform everyday scene to reduce stress, boost blood circulation, improve fine motor skills, eye-hand coordination, and flexibility with the best authentic natural therapeutic redesigned prayer(worry) beads stress reliever toy, super strong for heavy-duty use. 

Stretch it, spin it, and play all day with it. the mudra chain will serve you best for years to come. 


Play Your Stress Away 


How to start a movement? 

That question is frequently asked by us over and over again. How to make a human being understand that life is not defined by the life he owns but by the life he has. 

Our body is our temple and as much as we think it's run by itself one body will serve us well if we keep on taking care of. 

5Elements WildWorks help keep the awareness for people that healthy life will become a healthier society. 

Our workshop based in Israel 

We craft super strong extra smooth beads chains with therapeutic alternative therapy treatment. 


Our core values of life and business are basically the same: 

We demonstrate respect by realizing the value of all people and things, and by showing courteous consideration and appreciation

 Knowing love is to know peace.  Our love must be unconditional

 We must give full value to both the efforts of our own and others 


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